Located within the Chobe National Park, Savuti, is truly a place for one to get lost in nature.

Elephants under beautiful African sunset

It is place known for its abundant wildlife, flora and fauna and a destination where wildlife photographers visit with the hope to capture a kill and make a name for themselves.

Savuti may not be known for swimming lions like Chief’s Island is, but it is a certainly a paradise for wildlife lovers and anyone seeking to experience Botswana’s pristine game viewing at its best.

My hosts, were Camp Savuti, a private tented camp operated by SKL Group of Camps who treated me to their  top notch service. I had long wanted to see the Savuti channel, which had been dry for almost 30 years but had started to flow again, bringing with it, birdlife and different game alike. Headed by the camp manager, LindsayGill who personally escorted my colleague and I to our  luxurious tents, the staff was terrific.

Leopard on a waterhole

Camp Savuti has five meru tents with spacious ensuite facilities and an open shower, but for me the wow factor was that these luxury tents were built on platforms overlooking the Savuti Channel, which provides the most amazing views. It is like having your own private hideout, allowing you to feast your eyes on game drinking by the flowing channel.

After refreshing, we went on an afternoon game drive to see what Savuti has to offer to a discerning traveller. Just a few minutes away, we arrived at a waterhole where we watched awesome sunsets. At the same place we watched the sun disappearing into the horizon,creating a warm feeling and a beautiful scenery of reddish skies kissed by beautiful rays.

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Just as I was beginning to absorb the beauty of the African sunset, a  herd of elephants arrived for an afternoon drink, grabbing my attention  and mesmerizing me to the point where I almost forgot to press the shutter button on my camera.

Hardly a few minutes later, a leopard, waltzed in and the elephant gave way for the shy and graceful cat.

One is said to be very lucky to spot a leopard as they spend their time shying away from people and other animals. I took pictures  while pausing to appreciate the beauty of the leopard with my own eyes instead of through the lenses. Later on, with a sense of satisfaction and attachment to this beautiful paradise, I enjoyed a sundowner.I had seen it all, I thought to myself.

Camp Savuti

The following morning, which happened to be our last day, saw me and a fellow traveller, Thalefang Charles embarking on a self drive within Savuti. May I mention that Savuti is known to be very dangerous in terms of wildlife and during the night, no one is allowed to walk, not even a short distance outside their tent without a guide.

While driving around, we found ourselves in the middle of a herd of buffaloes, which needless to say was very frightening. Buffaloes are temperamental and intimidating and fear set in as my heart started beating fast. I however made sure not to miss an opportunity to take close range pictures of the animals.

In the end Savuti turned out to be an all round superb experience with  cherished memories from every moment that I enjoyed during my stay.  I will  definitely return.  Someday!


  1. Its so wonderful following you through these stories. I hope to follow your path soon!


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