Driving through the semi desert with vast plains of grasslands stretching beyond the eye’s limit is one the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had.

Samara Private Game Reserve

Plain majestic inland basin covering 400 000 square kilometers and said to have existed for more than 250 millionyears is where my travelling escapades took me recently.

This is the Great Karoo in South Africa, which means the land of thirst. One immediately gets a feeling of loneliness as the desert has little signs of human habitation.

But somewhere within the desert is a paradise or rather, an oasis, Samara Private Game Reserve which is more than just another home away from home. The five star private game reserveis engulfed by a number of mountains which makes one feel as though he/she is in another planet if not in heaven.

The luxury traveler has accommodation options between the Karoo lodge and the Manor. I was housed at Manor and immediately upon arrival;I couldn’t wait to see how the rooms of the nicely placed hotel looked liked and as soon as I checked in I dashed straight to my room.

A huge queen size bed covered in white, study table with a personalized welcome note, a huge bath tub complimented with a shower, heated towel rails and a private balcony is what welcomed me the moment I stepped inside. I found myself lost in deep thought while different sounds from the bush made me feel so relaxed.It is here again that I found my self in a place that even the happiest bachelor would feel lonely and wish they could enjoy the royal treatment with their loved one.

Manor has four spacious luxury suites designed to reflect the landscape of the Karoo. I felt so relaxed and could only say wow!I entered the spacious lounge that overlooks the swimming pool and the massive mountain. I was tempted to jump into the swimming pool but decided to enjoy the beauty of the places with just my eyes and soul. Evening came and nights at Samara withthe illumination of the moon are an enchanting sight. Fellow travelers from China, Japan, Australia and Belgium could not believe the beauty of the big African skies at night as they couldn’t take their eyes off beauty above.

We spent one of the nights gazing at the stars and wondered what was going through God’s mind when He created this beauty that many take for granted.

Rhinos at Samara Private Game Reserve

In the morning we embarked on an early game driveto try and spot cheetahswhich are collared to track them easily due to the size of the reserve. We also spotted different species of antelopes, wildebeest, cape buffaloes and stalking giraffes on foot. I loved the endangered cape mountain zebras and the cape sheldbuck. But I was blown away by the four rhinos. Despite coming from a big game country, it’s never easy to spot rhinos and I was grateful to have come across the white rhino that is always in danger because of poachers.

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