I travelled to Kenya last week alongside other journalists from different media houses courtesy of Kenya Airways.

Thalefang, Lame and Tsitsi Boarding Kenya Airways from Gaborone, Botswana

The smooth flight aboard Kenya Airways was a transit flight, which gave me an opportunity to get a glimpse of Harare international airport before continuing the journey to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Our connecting flight to Moi International Airport was delayed due to bad weather but in no time, we were back on air flying to Mombasa.
Having been to Mombasa before, I thought I had seen a lot during my last escapade. Little did I know that I was going to have a whole new experience!

Upon arrival in Mombasa where we were to spend two nights, we checked in at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa.The place is considered to be one of East Africa’s best resorts on the shores of the North Coast with stretches of white sand and clean waters.

Sarova Whitesands Beach Hotel

Coming from a landlocked country I could not wait to kick off my shoes and take a stroll in the beach. I thought I would just take a walk but I could not resist the camel rides which were on offer.

I have been on a camel back before but a camel ride on an exotic beach is truly exceptional.
Having enjoyed my time on the beach I then moved to the streets of Mombasa which are always buzzing with traffic.

While exploring the streets aboard a matatu (name for Kenya’s taxis), I found a market where East African spices are sold in abundance. I did not buy any of them but I made sure that I enjoy the spiced food.
I always make sure that I eat fresh fish when I travel to East Africa as they are fresh from the river.
I enjoyed the delicious spiced cuisine as it is not every day that one gets to eat such succulent fish.
As the sun set we started preparing for the night life of Mombasa which is ever exciting. Clubs open up till the wee hours of the morning. I found it quiet exciting to get a ride to a club in a matatu late at night as in my Botswana public transport is barely available at night.
Seeing people all dressed up in their fancy partying clothes and aboard a matatu made me appreciate Mombasa even more.

Posing with a sculpture in Mombasa

The idea was to do a bit of club hopping. The first club we went to was called Florida Night Club.
Cameras are not allowed in the club. Some of our colleagues had taken their point and shoot cameras, which they were asked to leave by the club entrance or remove the batteries to make sure no pictures were taken inside the club.

Hand made shoes on sale at the craft market

We made our way into the club where we enjoyed tusker beer, Kenya’s own made smooth tasting beer.
Looking around, the club seemed to be more of a pickup spot. Young ladies were all over the club and picking up on older men and sitting on their laps.


This was surely a different experience never seen here at home.
When we thought we had seen enough of semi naked women for the night we were in for a big surprise.
The next club we went to was Lolly pop club. At no charge we entered the club and we found ourselves in a strip club with scantily dressed ladies doing pole dancing and lap dances.

I remember one colleague’s remark as we looked around the club: “we’re going to end up in hell,” he said as we sat down to get a feel of the place as some enjoyed the lap dance on offer.

We left the club late after our first time experience in a strip club. An experience that does not come every day for Motswana as our country does not offer such type of clubs.

At the end of the trip our conclusion was that Mombasa is indeed a town that never sleeps while every experience is sure to last a lifetime.

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