Land of the beautiful people

Set at the foot of Sheba’s Breast hill in Ezwilini Valley of Swaziland Lidwala Backpacker Lodge. This quiet place offers so much to write home about. A backpacker’s close to Mbabane and Manzini where it all happens has more to offer than just the splendid view of the Kingdom of Swaziland. 

I visited Swaziland to witness the country’s famous Umhlanga recently and saw what one can not visit Swaziland (mostly for the reed dance)  and miss to see – the beauty of the country and its people
One can start a day by going up Sheba’s Breast hiking trail located right behind the Lidwala backpacker lodge. The trail offers one the sight of beautiful streams, caves and different vegetation. At the top, you experience the panoramic view of Ezwilini and surrounding areas.

Hiking may not for the faint hearted. One needs not feel pressured to feign a strong personality. Let those with the lion’s heart to venture out and explore the wonders of Sheba’s Breast, while you take it to the pool table, or relax to satellite television, or the library or better still prepare a meal for them in self catering kitchen with tidy ablution block and a laundry room. The facilities are there.

An alternative could be a walk to the craft market or a daylong cultural tour. The nightlife in Swaziland is splendid. House on Fire, a night joint famous for hosting international artists is a must-never-return-without-visiting.  On the night of this writer’s visit there is a potent mixture of poetry and Jazz sent revellers alight as Bhologa and Msandi set the stage on fire. On the other hand there was a beer competition where one who finished Sibebe, a St Louis equivalent, would walk away with a case of beers.
For the spendthrift, Manzini and Mbabane team shopping malls, restaurants, clothing boutiques and street hawkers too. Flea markets are not to be missed for beaded bracelets and other Made-in-Swaziland stuff.

Delivery of the reeds to the queen mother’s royal palace

Be warned: Cabs are very expensive in Swaziland as compared to mini buses. The big positive about Swaziland is that the people are beautiful, friendly and it’s easy to get around. Language is not so much a problem most people speak English.

One Comment on “Land of the beautiful people

  1. wow pako i remember this day and that awesome picture from the pool table. i was like what?? this looks like me. am loving this page keep it up


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