An arena was well set at Dqae Qare San Lodge on the southwestern side of the Kalahari Desert as it hosted the Kuru Dance Festival 2012.

The place was filled to capacity as people came from all corners of Botswana and other countries to witness the San Cultural dance spectacle.
This year’s festival kicked off on Friday evening with showcasing of 18 different dances including the popular healing dance. Dancers came in from different settlements of Bere, Gudiqwa, West Hanahai, D’kar, New Xade, Etsha 6, Xere, Ju/ Hoasi of Namibia to mention a few. Dances are done around a bonfire making the mood a true Kalahari style dance arena.

San songs all sounded the same with the difference being the clapping of hands and the stamping of feet.  The sounds coming from the all these including the tempo of the song defines if the song is a celebration song, song of misery or sadness. Toddlers of Clario Pre School always steal the show as they dance their hearts outs passionately.

Saturday was the official opening of the festival with the newly appointed Vice President Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe among the guests. Some of the spotted people were Members of Parliament Botsalo Ntuane and Fidelis Molao enjoying the show. What added more colour to the festival was the display of Basarwa crafts, which included bracelets, necklaces made of ostrich shells and leather crafts as well as hunting spears.

The festival proved to be bigger especially with the help of Jwaneng Mine who were the main sponsors of the festival thus helping the Kuru Trust pull off a bigger and better festival than in 2010.

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