I have been to South Africa before chasing food festivals, wine festivals and Jazz Festivals. Some of the best festivals I attended; one know as the Best Ten Days of Winter, the Knysna Oyster Festival, Cape Town International Festival (Africa’s Grandest Gathering), Joy of Jazz and Macufe. The  Knysna Wine Tasting Festival is the only one that I have done which had to do more with an alcohol theme and my first wine tasting festival. I was not disappointed with it at all. More 50 wine estates had come together from around the famous Garden Route which Knysna happens to be part of.

But one thing that has caught my eye is the is the Maftown Beer Festival dated for the 31st August 2013. Although Mafikeng is known for the annual 60’s Party which happens towards the end of the year, this will surely get my fellow citizens of Botswana to cross the border and enjoy the 20 hour beer fest. According to South African Tourism, The concept of the Maftown Beer Festival was launched in 2012. The primary was to offer different to the entertainment spectrum of North West Province, at once creating a reason to celebrate a beverage beloved by many, a diverse and intoxicating culture, and an increasingly diverse musical heritage.

The crowd Mover (TCM) OF Groove cartel
The crowd Mover (TCM) OF Groove cartel
German Dollar of Groove Cartel
German Dollar of Groove Cartel

The celebration features over six breweries under one venue and also offers a wide variety of ciders, whiskeys, spirits, cocktails and wine so as to cater for all tastes. The Festival is Mahikeng’s largest annual gathering of beer novices, enthusiasts, connoisseurs and those just wishing to enjoy beer in a slightly different environment and a truly exceptional setting. In order to add an educational aspect particularly for those looking to learn more about the beer industry, the Festival will also see beer tastings with experts and the opportunity to watch home brewing demonstrations and participate in blind tastings to ensure visitors get the most out of their experience. The hosting of a beer garden is yet another feature that aims to ensure the experience is an all-round one which promotes a little time out to relax, celebrate and enjoy that renowned Maftown vibe.

Many would love the fact that some of Botswana’s finest DJ’s, namely DJ Archduke and Groove Cartel will be there to rock Maftown. From S.A side you can expect to jive to the sounds of Nick Holder, Julien Gomes, DJ Ganyani, DJ CNDO, Alaska, Da Capo, Morafe, DJ Essence, Big Boy and Papa to mention a few.

At a cost of R100 rand, this is way too affordable for my local folks and they don’t have to worry about the event closing down early as it is the issue with our own local gigs. The Place to be for the beer fest is Mmabatho Stadium. Maftown is just a stone throw away from Botswana and it is a place many Batswana know very well.

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