Tomjachu Bush Retreat | Birding in the Bushveld

Tomjachu Bush Retreat is a pristine nature reserve located within the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga, 20 minutes from Nelspruit and is a one-of-a-kind destination for couples, small families and groups of friends looking to experience the tranquility of the bushveld while surrounded by subtle nuances of home. Besides the amazing views, superlative accommodation and excellent service, Tomjachu Bush Retreat have extensive and abundant birdlife on the reserve, with over 265 recorded species so far.

A variety of stylish accommodation options are on offer, ranging from the cottages located across the property, each allowing for a private bush escape, to the Homestead with its magnificent rooms. Valbonne Villa a is the 5-star jewel which offers unrivalled vistas looking down over the reserve towards the Crocodile Valley gorge and allows for bigger group getaways amongst the pristine natural terrain.

A daytime experience 
Besides the amazing views, superlative accommodation and excellent service, Tomjachu Bush Retreat has a plethora of plains game that can be seen on the property. And guests can expect to encounter Kudu, giraffe, zebra and even warthogs, amongst other game. Tomjachu Bush Retreat is also home to an over 265 bird species, making it a must-visit destination for birding enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.unnamed copy 2.jpg

The reserve has varied terrain, which forms a number of diverse habitats allowing a high diversity of birds in a relatively small area. These range from open grassland where the Black-bellied bustards lie low in the grass, and the Long-crested Eagles perch high in the acacias scanning for their next meal, to deep riverine where you can spot the red flash of the Purple-crested Turacos swooping through the canopy, and may be lucky enough to see the dazzling colours of the Narina Trogon.unnamed copy.jpg

Bird enthusiasts can venture to the water’s edge alongside South or North Dam to enjoy utter tranquility, keeping an eye out for the Giant and Pied Kingfishers hovering high and darting into the water. If lucky enough, you may even catch a glimpse of the mighty Fish Eagle as it swoops in and gracefully snatches a fish from just below the surface!unnamed-2.jpg

Soon the Tomjachu bird-hide will be up and running, which will give bird watchers better opportunities to get closer to our wonderful, colourful and melodious feathered friends.unnamed.jpg

Adventures under the stars
At Tomjachu Bush Retreat, guests can choose to experience a unique bush dinner hosted at the lapa deep in the reserve. Here the bushveld comes to life under the spectacular starry skies, with the calm hoot of the Giant Eagle Owls, and the beautiful trilling of the Fiery-necked Nightjar echoing through the valley, accompanied by the natural orchestra of a plethora of other night-time creatures. This is an experience not to be missed.


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